Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nobel to Krugman

Today was the day of Paul Krugman, October 13 (ooops) 200whatever it is ... I bet a lot of Right-wing Republican polit'ally intelligencary ("c" pron. like "s") folks out there are sayin "What!!! They gave him a Nobel! A Nobel? A NOBEL? That proves Swedish persons are ... Um, Commies?!!! Niggers??! Jews???" I feel your pain, my conservative comrades in the intellect. I feel your pain. There is just no label a guy can use on the ____ well you get the picture, anyway. Right? You want a handle there and you just don't have one. I feel your pain.
But not to worry. Read two columns at the N.Y.T. (I believe someone is supposed to pay me for saying that) and I can report the situation: the intellectuals explain that Krugman's theoretical economics work is much less contentious than are the columns where he talk to all the rest of us ordinary hilly babies. DO NOT WORRY INTELLECTUAL COMRADES. They went scurrying back to their little ivy-covered egghead academic holes. The academics have assured me they wouldn't dream of interfering in real actual life.
You see the theoretical part of P. Krugman is intellectual, an' it's scholarly. It is professional, and the professional stuff is much less contentious. The ideas of this person as an intellectual, (sorry but the software gives me "bold" so I use it) if you know what I mean --- are pretty much high quality academic work, and much less conflictual or contentious. Here, we all agree more. In this part. In this part.
In other words the academics are down there in that little hole and they're not going to bother you.
Words like "tepid" and "warmed over" come to mind..."incestuous..."

Now this is no minor matter. This is academia. But that means the whole academic "front" of our blue-blood noble white man's civilization. Harvard and Princeton and shit. What they do -- or not -- matters. This is where we go for our information. This is a footprint, and the face of our culture as human beings. And it matters. And when the end of time, or this time comes we will have to face what we are and who we are and what we have said. God. I feel like Maynard Keynes pontificating here.

Well maybe that's not such a bad thing. Maybe I should study the man a little for my next post.

that's all,
J-A-C-K Silverman (egghead)

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