Thursday, March 5, 2009

Be Nice

Things can help that dont help ........ and this works in the same surprising way that "markets" sometimes turn out to be helpful,

even if they are swimming in shit and evil themselves! In other words lobbyists are from most points of view just extremely and intuitively horrid and objectionable: the lowest members of the human race, really. They are opportunistic; they disrespect democracy; they look for the quickest path to a dollar bill. And yet --- after doing all kinds of harm they could also do you some good. It is, at any rate, possible. If you were drowning, would you accept a life preserver thrown by a lobbyist? Yet he is no less a lobbyist, isn't he? Which behavior can be described as ghastly? The selling out of democracy for politics is ghastly; let's make no bones about it: let us just say it and get it over with. The second from the top at Countrywide (which seems to be a phenomenon of same kind, although who am I to say...) is now making more - yet more - dough; this time doing good (and well) by taking advantage of this crash that we have supposedly had.

But what I want to ask is: Was it a "crash" for him? No. I guess not. Just like
it was not a market crash if you were, as they say, "short." (This is when one supposedly sells a parcel of stock on behalf of someone else without telling the person you are going to do it and then plays the stock as if one had not sold it) That doesn't make reality right, but it arguably does make you right. Where does that leave us. It leaves us with this...

One may express one's social existence in terms of using and exploring capitalism ---this view is an alternative to 'mere' anti-capitalism.

There's something to be learned there; and I'll just leave it at that.

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