Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Personal Story

It seems like the world now likes little personal things,
and that's what blogs are "really" for --- if there's anything
real about this. So I will post a personal story myself, without
being egotistical. Let's try to do a short personal entry. Yeah
Right. Just like the Pros.
I brought my work to a "real" legitimate publisher: not
exactly free-market stuff but a scholarly university press
type environment and I met a nice guy who offered to read
my prototype "book" which he called "proposal."
Of course there's always a lag but even if it took him quite
a while he did get back to me about it. It was actually very
helpful, perhaps surprisingly. So, in this way, I am trying to
reach out. Reaching out is not so easy. I do see the
reams of economics books that come out, but I do not have a "real"
understanding of the way the whole "business" fits together.
I do my work at the state universities. I see all this stuff.
In other words, I am trying to become more professional.
(although I hate the sentence I just wrote).

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