Friday, April 10, 2009

Reality Therapy Needed

The problem is not that prices are going up --- or down. The problem is that nothing is real.

Sorry: but an economy needs reality. I really hate to be the one to break the news to you, but perhaps this is the truth.

check out the WSJ, for Friday, April 10, then. There's a front page article here on the economy of India, an economy where there is real need; raw, actual need. There is a real need for more material wealth for their poor people, and, apparently, they are being enabled, so to speak, to get more wealth. Some kind of process is being put into place, that have provided some real benefit in a case where it is not an abstraction, or a theory. No, it's a raw, human need, that exists. How can such a benefit obtain in this case, without complex financial instruments. How can anyone help the real economic problems of Indians, without things like derivatives and what not? How can it be done without the likes of George Soros and the like? How would you do that? This is happening without the concurrent enrichment of George Soros. Wonder how you do that?

I am so clueless. But I can thing, and I suppose you would have to put money and resources in the hands of the poor people of India. Then you would let them work to create the goods that they need to live on. Does that make sense? Is that really possible? Does that sound like "economics" to you? This is economics on the material level. Do economists study that? Do they study that ---- as much as they study other things?

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