Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Quick Rant, Or would that be Rave?

Some persons are pretending they know what they are doing but it doesn't make sense. How can you know what you are doing when -- ...when the economic policy of the country is to give away money and not to the people who comprise the population of the country so that they can conduct their business affairs but rather it is given to the rich. These social institutions are called "private" businesses, but now that they lost ten or even one hundred billion (one thousand million) or more dollars we now know that they are not because the state has intervened, so for sure they are not. They lost this money in what had up until the other day been universally understood as what was called the market system. This was the language, this was what they said, until Just The Other Day. The "conservative" faction of government said that they had been supporting, or proclaiming, the whole set of values called market. But then they focused on just one part of the market system and bailed just that part out. The distinction between "pro-market" conservatives and "regulators" didn't matter either, at this point. Not only the "conservatives" but all the others as well jumped on the bandwagon to bail out the wealthy people. So, it everyone is doing the same thing, does that make it right?

The bail-out also does not make sense even from the logical point of view. say that because it is not logical to say the loans will be repaid. But since loans out now are not being repaid the new ones won't either: By what means would the new loans be repaid, if the present ones cannot be?

Kind of looks like a massive social dysfunction.

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