Saturday, June 27, 2009

My New Apartment and My New Life

I have just moved into a new place. It is a studio apartment basically. I am experiencing a more high-class type of existence since I am right next to the university and not only that but right across from the research library. That is where I do my work sometimes. What I do is economics. It is my own version of economics. I am a private scholar. And I have some observations --rather a question, about my new neighborhood and about the world.
In the world we live in, what makes a person a good person? Our world of course can be something like our culture or our society. It can be our society. Other languages, like French or German, are better at dealing with the signifier of "society" than English. I would assume there are some peculiarly American or Anglo-American reasons for the denuding of the concept and the refusal to assign a valid set of words. Whatever that reason is, it is still fully obvious that humans have got to live in some kind of an environment and to get at this with the best term, we may choose and revert to: "society."
So, what makes a person a good person in the world, or in our world? It really seems to me that the best answer one can give to this question is this: simply if one has money, he is a good person. Of course that is a bit simplistic. I know it. But we are trying to get at the truth of capitalism: with the abolition of class, not much else identifies the individual as respectable ---- it is the matter of whether there is money in your pocket.
And that is my basic observation. What implications flow from this supposition? What we are saying is that this is about all that identifies one as a good person, in society, or better put: higher society. We are really asking about "good" society and "high" society. Because it works differently in the ghetto. There personal relations come into it.
Before this week, I was living in a bit of a borderline ghetto. Something like that. Now I would say that I would seem to be around a lot of high class persons. What makes them the good people? It's kind o' hard to figure out. I just hope I am one.

I intend to work really hard, in my new surroundings, and I'll do it by trying to do better at being an economics theorist, which I am doing in some sense for (by) myself. So, maybe: being a good person is strictly internal, subjective. This idea makes sense.

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