Thursday, June 4, 2009

They Create Myths

Obviously, the one who "isn't making sense" is me, since I just doubled my own post. The one for April 29 doubles another one. So what.

Well, here' today's post:

They create myths. Myths are good. At least they are real structures.

Intellectual structures. These are intellectual structures. There are, it seems, material as well as intellectual structures. Thirdly there is just blank ignorance.

For ex. the intellectual idea is that there's this free market or this economic thing out there. And so forth...until we have built a little Hansel & Gretel fairy tale. The "free person" goes out and "gets a job."

But there is one thing that's not a myth and that is that this world is built on sickness and corruption.

One never, eve, ever gets a job in a free market. The free market may exist to an extent, but it doesn't sell persons jobs. That's crazy.

On the other hand, I suppose all societies need their myths.

(p.s. this seems like it would be good with the post from February 23)

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