Sunday, July 12, 2009

Obama and the Presidential Economics Policy

Dear President Obama:

Try to understand this guy Summers: he is a phony. I'm talking about Larry Summers. He is not open-minded; he has mastered the language of economics only after pre-emptively deciding to side with the establishment every time. Which he will always do. We give economists too much credence. What you've got to realize is that economic study or economics itself is contestable. Once you establish that economics itself is up for contention, you can unmask Mr. Summers. You fell for him, because you have a weak spot for compromising and backing established systems. You shouldn’t do that in economics, though, where new thinking is necessary. You do not understand, Mr. Obama. You do not know about this. What works for law doesn’t work with economists. I feel so frustrated. Who will unmask this guy? If you had the time, Mr. President, you could spend a few hours at to get a different feeling for economics.

It is apparently a very tricky thing. There are standard ways of discussing things. There is conventional language that has been developed. Summers appears to me a master of language. The grammar and language glistens like a jewel. Summers is like a diamond, but what we do not know, and what we need to know, is that the glittering diamond is in a false setting. The context is all misconstrued. If only the setting were changed he'd stop glittering. He is embedded in a certain kind of trickery with language. But this is fundamentally misconstrued. He does not even have the right motivations. He is a master of the language.

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