Thursday, July 16, 2009

What We Need To Do Is...

What we need to do is ...(trumpet flourish; pause)...

...Turn the economy over to the people.
Now don't get too excited, OK? This is just normal, grammatical English. It's no big deal, so don't start saying I'm a radical. Who is supposed to control or run an economy? The "market," I suppose. Right? In capitalism, the market is more or less equal in extent to the people. Yes it is: because when and if the market expands it is only because more persons got included. More persons obtained money to use in the market. That is the secret of economics. Then the business so-called "community" tries to steal it back. But no capitalistic economy grows without widening what Braudel called "the home market." That is what really happens -- what happened, historically, in the first event, when capitalism was able to actually grow up and come and come to exist.

Once we see our way through the swamp of conceptual thought we can get back to the basic idea that what you need to do to save the system is turn the economy over to the people. I do not think there is anything that radical about it. That's how capitalism works.

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