Sunday, January 3, 2010

Indiana Kestrel, and Sign On The Road

Hi, readers. Place this back in time, OK? This post, consisting of two parts, should be read prior to the one on my experiences at New Harmony. The material comes, chronologically, just before arrival at said Utopian paradise:

Sign on the Road: ______ [ethnic group not provided] Buffet / Bus Drivers eat free.

This comprises the whole content of the material I want to discuss. But it is a great economics lesson. (to wit: The restaurant lures bus driver. If the driver "turns in" his busload of consumers for exploitation by restauranteur, then driver becomes fellow entrepreneur or something like that, and the following situation occurs. The consumers eat, the restaurant and driver profit. That's how capitalism works. It is a deal between the restaurant the bus driver that creates the driver and the restaurant as "producers" and the passengers as "consumers.")

There is something else to say. Do you notice how it is honest? There is not any ideology about it in this rare case. The truth can be read directly off the billboard. That's rare. Why be ashamed, in any case? That is a good question. In this case, at any rate, capitalism is honest, and, therefore, non-ideological. This is a rare event. This one "deal" happens on a billboard for all to see, someone showing the truth. Very rare in ideological society and capitalist ideology.

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I would like some ideas, not just ideology, as I drive towards Indiana's New Harmonie. But, as I drive, I see a kestrel, a small hawk. As I am driving I am excited about getting closer to this place. Just then, a wild thing. ...oh, fresh ideas...

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