Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TV and the Oklahoma Motel, Part One

We hear from the "mythbusters" T.V. show that some believe that when humans get incinerated (by a -bombs) cockroaches might subsequently --- and here the T.V. says, rule the roost. "Rule"? We encounter the word "rule" sometimes. There is an implicit message here ---- humans only rule.
Politics may be the study of that. Politics is the study of the way that persons rule, but there are others things they do, too. Persons be.

Be is not rule. It is not the case then that one should say that humans rule. Not that that is all they do or that is what they always, and only, do. This so, because human can also "be," or just "be."

If we understood better and were not flummoxed by, for example, the television industry or commercial capital in general, it is possible to framed this a bit better. Perhaps humans could be understood according to the common or characteristic situations where these humans rule others. That may be. But humans do not always -- or only -- rule. A human can be. He -- or she -- can exist -- or just exist.

Thus, it is not absolutely true to say that humans "rule" the earth. They also live on it. We are hyping and propagandizing ourselves to believe that humans only "rule."

Every single company that exists in their "market" projects the concept to their customers. They tell each and every person lucky enough to be one of their customers that they (all good hominids) ought to (only) rule other people.

After all that is how the owner of that company did it. He was not content to just "be." No, he had to go out and actually rule. He is always "competing," and so, has no time to just be. Nevertheless, his very existence in the competitive society means that he must support this mentality in every one of his customers. And this makes sense, up to a point. The point where this must stop is the point where the ideology has become utterly insupportable, and we are fighting not only the rest of the humans, whom we utterly require to be just as hostile, but also, we are even fighting ourselves and losing all sense of balance in our lives.

We are creating a society where being and ruling are defined in the same stroke. Both concepts occur simultaneously in the same cognitive thrust of effort. One uses one's skill of intelligence in a way such that the result is that one thinks and rules simultaneously, with the same mental or definitional stroke.

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