Thursday, March 18, 2010

Barnes and Noble

Piles of nonsense have infected Western Civilization.

There is a whole genre of books written by and for morons.

As I sit here sipping on a sparkling grapefruit Izzie at Barnes and Noble I'm looking straight ahead and there is a book straight ahead and it is part of a B&N display case of books. It is a volume purporting that Jesus was not a spiritual being. He's a "life coach."

Should the fact that most of the books here in the large suburban bookstore in the large suburban mall (Oakbrook Center) in the large suburb (Oak Brook) ... should this be, I ask --- a problem? Why should this be surprising? From a logical point of view it is not. The store only wants money. The manager might be a real human being who wants edification and education, but the business Barnes and Noble --- or the moron Barnes and Noble --- want money. From here I'm afraid all roads converge on the point of there being a display case with the sign "The Art of Communication" on it.

Barnes and Noble is a giant money-sucking aphid. An aphid! No more and no less my friends. But as I leave metaphors aside (I almost said something like a giant claw but the thinking mind is faster than the writing hand you kno), let us comprehend that, obviously, we cannot talk Barnes or Borders on a book-by-book basis.
Children want children's books. Adults want adult books. Morons want moron books.

It is infecting society!

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