Friday, March 12, 2010

Economic Plan

What would happen if some percentage between five and thirty-five per cent of world economic output were extracted out of present commodity circulation and then redeployed for use as a secondary-sector wealth base from which to free the world of severe wealth-deprivation? Humans suffer from malnutrition, lack of drinking water and so forth, in many countries. The number of such persons is, of course, large.
Even a five per cent extraction and redistribution might be enough to give most of the deprived world food and water for their basic needs for physical well-being and normal quality of health. Readers may not know what to make of this idea. Maybe it is new. And maybe it does not conform to the current discussions. Have I got a good idea? It is something we really have to think about. Then, perhaps, we may begin to understand.
Far from being a charity concern, such a redistribution move impacts the interaction between capitalism and human welfare. It is not simply a matter of charity, since it would redeem the social character of capitalism.
It would not be such a big change from the present system of capitalistic economics either. Therefore, it would be an extension of the capitalism and the human cultural system we have now. More or less the same commodities would be made, it is just that some would be removed from commodity circulation as we know it and those commodities would then be used for another purpose ---- in another way. In thinking this over for about eight years, I have found no reason why it could not be done, so I think it would be a legitimate aspect of a more advanced stage for capitalism. "Capitalism," therefore, is seen as a broad method of culture, exchange and society.

Since conceiving this original idea, and thinking it over for around eight years, I have also come to a new understanding of capitalism in general, and now, I think, as well, that perhaps we have all been thinking about capitalism in the wrong ways.

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