Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anonymity in Capitalistic Societies

Capitalism lets anyone with money enter the market. This is the basic case -- there are certain limits. For example, there are limits to one's getting money in the first case. One is also not free to engage in this capitalism stuff very well if one is in jail. But these limits do not detract from my basic case that in this system of capitalism, which is one that encompasses so much of human activity in the world today, there is a general pool of persons who are anonymous and equal. Generally speaking, they are free to enter the market as they please. The fact that any member not in one of the specific excluded categories, such as in jail, illegally in somebody else's country, or flat broke, can operate with equality in the system. That can be called a system of both equality and anonymity.

Can this last? Is this a problem-free system? Of course not.

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