Saturday, April 17, 2010

Capitalism to the Rescue --- again and again and again

Westernity is continually getting rescued. It is by something that tweaks the social side. That's what capitalism did --- it rejuvenated the social side. It wakes up our social side but we keep going to sleep. If it is a social process, then it follows that capitalism cannot be characterized in the fashion of the right, because they say it is private rather than social. Their idea is wrong; they see only a private quest for profit. I beg to differ: capitalism tweaks the social side of man---although, at the same time, this also seems to have the character of being a short-term fix. Capitalism creates a society.

Finally: when a heroin addict gets her/his "fix" s/ he really DOES feel good.

Is a feeling of "good" the same as really good?

That is something to ponder of course, and I include this just to make a suggestion for the reader's own thinking process.

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