Saturday, August 15, 2009

The book I'm Reading, by Ahamed

Here is a quote from that book by Ahamed. It's on the "Lords of Finance"

"Governments then believed matters of finance were best left to bankers..."

It refers to the years leading up to the Great Depression. This sounds like the attitude today also: that of Geithner, today, who is head of Treasury and also, we find, a great friend of the bankers. Or it could be Paulson, who was something akin to a banker, was he not? All of this is dangerous stuff and will probably get me killed in about three days.

Actually, bankers were very important. The Jewish bankers, in particular, did a lot of things for the world, taking leadership when it was needed. But let's get over it. The question of whether they should still be held up as our leaders is another thing. It would be a great advance if the democratic governments of the world could take control of economics away from these bankers. The time for such a move has come.

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