Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trading Situation of a New Sort

(continuation of Monday Aug 10; International Trade Idea)

What we see in any developed capitalist society is a condition - i.e. an "economy" --that has a lot of production going on. Even if some factories lie dormant, or fields remain unplanted, there is a lot of capacity for producing. So, this is an inherent capacity. Some of that capacity or productive ability could be diverted, as an extraction. This extraction is now to be applied to those in countries usually far away from the developed area, but yet linked by globalization. The people of those regions would use the grant-goods by simply consuming the goods.

This is an economic transfer. Giving this stuff away, across that divide between wealthiest and poorest regions or groups appears to be a capitalistic trade situation. It is a trade situation of a radically different kind, however. It would be a large scale transfer that impacts the entire system, or, essentially, a new method of trading. Any trade occurs between traders or trading parties, or parties to the trade. This appears to be what trade is all about. Is this really trade? I do not think it matters: we can call it the transfer event or trade event. They are the developed regions, which have a lot to give, and the less developed or less wealthy regions, with the most need. These are the two parties to this kind of pseudo-trade.

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