Thursday, December 10, 2009

BIg Apple, 2

Yesterday, or thereabouts ([interjection: my research department informs me it was 2:15 PM on Tuesday]maybe the day before), we were introduced to N.Y. as a place where 1) everyone is so civilized and advanced and sophisticated and elegant and so forth and 2) where you do not have to study economics because, well---you can see it.

Today, the grim reality sets in

One side of New Yawk is utter chaos. The other is the "social" side, as I call it, of capitalism.

Capitalism organized the mass of Western human beings. This is why I always cast capitalism in terms of nowhere else but ---- the West.

There seem to be two sides to New York --- and, by extension this Western-dominated world where we have the noble opportunity to live.

Look back to the opening days of the United States. First there were troubles concerning the overbearing authoritarianism of the Mother country, of England. These were addressed by the Continental Congress, the colonists' own body. Ultimately, the decision came down: rebel. Then for the first few years there was chaos.

What happens next?

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