Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big Apple

Boarding the Train

Here,in N.Y, you don't have to study the economy: you can see the economy. You/I can tell just by looking at these people that they have real jobs. Their air or vibe.

Graceful, competent, articulate...

It's a real step up from what I saw on the Amtrak from Chicago (Got on in Indiana, actually).

Today I'm going to go see my sister ---- who is a "real" psychiatrist. No ... OK , Accurately? - Therapist. - And she seems sooo oh ... competent at it lately. OMG! I'd better shut up! So excited to be in New Yawk.

But think of the economy that's not so "real." Chicago even. OMG! Now I'm looking at an eleven year old boy with more class than most adults from Chicago.

Now let's go from Chicago to, for example, Beloit, Wisconsin. There are peoples there too.... Now to the "third-World."

Well, white people love statistics. So, we know there are five billion on the planet earth. In New York, not even one billion. New York, like Chicago, seems so incredibly big And, well---it is. The entire population of earth, 200 years ago, about I think 100 million. 1,000 years ago -- two million and 10,000 years ago... Who the heck knows? There's a lotta things we don't know.

But today, our society is none other than capitalism. My thought on society is that it's indisputable that humans exist in societies, and (capitalism) is is a vast organizing system (society) for human beings. Salient?

I think it is. And our "society" may have at one time been called the fiefdom, later the country, or state (nation-state) and, now, the whole global capitalist world. But there are still wealth disparities. My idea (for ex., in item posted Aug 10th) is that of a balancing between these, creating a more balanced condition.

We should create a trade arrangement, and this is just like any other trade situation, a trade arrangement where by means of a second method, placed over on top of the first (this is "choice"!) --- we trade goods over to the deprived --- but simply not asking for money in return. So, it's like a non-market trade method.

The moral of the story, t hen, is that: "you don't need to get paid to have capitalist trade."

++The End++

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