Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Am an Ugly, Dirty Man, who insists on imposing himself

The society is just not working. That's my observation upon observing ordinary persons. There is frustration everywhere. Do you claim not to see it?

You want to talk about economics? I see people with a good heart: I feel I see a lot of good hearted soul-type things, on my first days in N. Y. City. You notice that shit. OK?

But the frustration is increasing, and it's the truth,....and this is general --- some people just laugh when I say stuff like this --- spread out like a William S. Burroughs-type virus, it's everywhere. It's not just one or two persons. (And the neo-Classical idea about prices is absurd.)

The society is just not working and the only persons that should "b" afraid to admit that are ones that "r" weird (not me!!) or creepy --- or totally oriented towards the self. What do these words mean? --- "free" ; "free competition" ; "free enterprise"? It cannot mean a person that is totally free, totally ... isolated. I

Take a phrase. "Free to trade." Does that mean "free to hurt"? "Free to not care"?

We just got done being "ruled" -- presided on by a presedential quality whose one good quality -- or try this: one interior quality -- is/was his absolute belief in himself ("Dead Certain" is a title to note). These guys? Who they?

I have this to say. Their salient (try: interior) quality is precisely their absolute belief in themselves. How can we crack the code? How can we understand what drives these people?

* * * * *

I don't know what it all means but that's where I am in my work. What is economics? The only economy left is between the street folks -- the peeps on the beggar level collecting cans on the street -- and the "credit" people. That fits the word "Economics" because the street persons are in a balance with something other than themselves (the normal or "Money" people).

In capitalism you make money in an economy. You act in balance. It is a balanced situation, of distinct qualities, not just quantity, such as price quanitity or number of cents of dollars.

It is necessarily social. But, we can't admit that. This is what I have found and the material I work with as a private scholar.

It is necessarily social. The award, best "capitalist", does not go to he who is oblivious to others.

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