Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Theory and Discovery

I have made a basic discovery in economics. Based on this breakthrough my position is that capitalism should progress. Capitalism can have stages. It is possible to move from one stage to the other. It is possible that capitalism must move to a new stage. It is possible that there is a new stage that needs to be achieved.
The kernel idea related to this new stage for capitalism comprises the basic discovery. Put into its most essential terms, and bordered by the limits in the present author's own knowledge, my discovery consists in understanding that there can be a form of capitalism that does not involve money payment but rather involves the provisioning of certain useful commodity goods to designated recipients. The suggestion is that physical goods be transferred to recipients who are otherwise not obtaining the basic physical wealth they need, in terms of food, usable water, etc. Such direct transfers of goods, from the developed world to the needy persons, do not involve the normal concept of money paid in exchange for goods.
Such an arrangement is perfectly rational. Of course, the commodities taken out (extracted is another word here) would have to be taken out in common, from the entire "industrialised" side itself, otherwise the donor gains unfair advantage over another party who is not giving.
Likewise, we cannot create inequality amongst recipients, but each person (region is another word here) that is a qualified recipient has to be given formal right to his or her individual share of this kind of transferred wealth product or commodity.
We now see that we are creating two categories, two designations that are like trading partners between which the wealth flows.

To recap, then: we transfer physical goods, in a way that does not primarily involve money, from one designated donor group to another designated recipient group.

We find that the result looks surprisingly like capitalism, rather than any violation of capitalism. This would comprise a new stage of capitalism.

The theoretical framework is completely sound, rational and defensible.

Based on this discovery I am a proponent of the view that capitalism should progress.

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